iPhone vs Android Phone: Which is Better?

iPhone vs Android

iPhone vs Android Phone: Whenever you plan to buy one of the best smartphones, the hardest question that comes to you is to take an iPhone or Android? Both phones are equipped with the best features, so it is very difficult to decide to pick one of the two. Common smartphone users understand the difference between price and brand between them and think that the features are almost the same. However, the difference between these two features can be understood and depending on it, it can be decided that it would be better to take an iPhone or Android phone.

iPhone vs Android Phone:  Which is Better?

Strong hardware

Apple has complete control over the hardware and software of the iPhone. Google offers Android software to large phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola. This is why Android phones are available in different sizes, weights, features and quality. In the case of premium Android phone hardware, there are iPhone collisions, but cheap Android phones may have hardware related problems.

OS Compatibility

The newly launched iOS 12 supports iPhone 5S and above all models. IOS 11 was installed only in 66% of its models in just six weeks of its release. On the other hand, Android was released only in the first week of August 2018, after only 4 weeks, only 0.1% of devices could be installed. Similarly, 8 weeks after the release of Android 8, only 0.2% and Android 7 was still working on only 18% of the devices. In this case, the iPhone could prove to be better for those who want the latest OS in the smartphone.


If you want to buy a smartphone by keeping in mind the security, then there is nothing better than the iPhone for you. It has been found in a study that 97% of cases of malware, viruses, worms, etc. have happened in Android. Whereas, in iPhone, it was 0%. Figures make it clear that unlike Android, the possibility of malware attack in the iPhone is very less. In this sense, they are much more secure.

Intelligent Assistant

In the case of AI and voice interfaces, Android is ahead of the iPhone. Google Assistant uses all the information related to you that Google knows. For example, if your Google Calendar has a meeting of 5 o’clock and the traffic is much ahead before that time, then the Google Assistant sends you a quick notification. At Apple, users get serial assistants who are doing better with updated iOS but they do not have advanced features like Google Assistant. However Google Assistant is also available for the iPhone.

Battery life

Earlier, the battery of the iPhone needed to be charged daily, but the latest models could work uncharged for several days. The condition of the battery is somewhat complicated due to the different types of hardware in Android. Some Android models come with a 7-inch screen and other features which makes the battery more consumable. But there are also many models that offer batteries to ultra-high capabilities to users. In such a situation, if you want to buy a phone with a battery that runs for several days after charging, then you can choose Android.


Both platforms support third-party GPS applications. Apple Maps is only available for iOS. Initially, it had some special problems but now it has improved and it helps you navigate through the same way as Google Maps. If you do not want to use Apple Maps, you can use Google Maps because it is both available for platforms.


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