How to use google pay step by step, use gpay

how to use google pay
how to use google pay

Hey guys, if you want to learn that how to use Google pay and how to add bank account on Google pay (Gpay). I am going to tell you in this post that ‘how to use Google Pay’ step by step.

how to use google pay
how to use google pay

The Google Tez app was launched in September 2017. This app works on NPCI’s UPI platform. It sports both the Android and iOS platforms. However, Google has renamed Google Tez to Google Pay. Through the app, you can transfer money to anybody in seconds. For this, you will need a mobile number instead of the front bank account. However, this app will only work if the front mobile number is connected to its bank account and uses Google Pay.

Download Google Pay

Step 1. Download “Google Pay” by visiting your Play Store.

Step 2. After downloading the app, enter your mobile number in it.

Step 3. The app will ask you for some permissions like Send and Receive SMS, Access contacts and Location. Tap Allow on all three permissions.

Step 4. Sign in with the Google Account by going to the add account in the app. You can also sign in with another Google Account

Step 5. Then there will be an OTP on your given number. Your mobile number will be verified as soon as you interact in the app.

Step 6. Select Screen Lock or Google Pin for account security.

Step 7. If you choose Google PIN for security, then you have to enter the number 4 digit. During this time your device must be connected to the internet. At the same time, if you choose the Screen Lock Pattern, then you can use the phone’s existing security system such as fingerprint, iris, face unlock, password or pattern. After this, the setup of the setup is completed.

How to Add Bank Account On Google Pay

Step 1. You will need to link to your bank account app to use Google Pay. This requires that you have a bank account. With this, your bank account should be linked to the mobile number, Aadhaar and PAN.

Step 2. On the top left of the app’s home screen, you will see three dots, tap on it. Then tap Settings. Here you will see your profile with some options such as phone number, privacy and security etc. Here you will see a bank account option, tap on it.

Step 3. If your bank account is linked to another UPI account, then you will see it on this page, tap on it and restore it. Or tap on add bank account.

Step 4. After tapping on add bank account, you will see many bank options. Choose your bank here An app will send an SMS for verification. After this, add a bank account. It is important to note that a SIM card is inserted in the phone whose number is linked to your bank account.

I hope that you learn how to use Google Pay.


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